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  Since its inception in 1959, Oak Ridge High School has established and maintained a highly visible tradition of athletic excellence in local, state, national and international athletics.  Oak Ridge is the proud home of two former Pioneer track athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games along with one of our former coaches who became only the second high school coach named to an Olympic team staff.  Oak Ridge has produced over 60 athletes who have earned high school All-American honors while several Pioneer coaches have been inducted into local, state and national Hall of Fames.  Two Pioneer coaches coupled with a former Oak Ridge student athlete have gone on to win National Coach of the Year honors in their respective sports.  Numerous Pioneer athletes have gone on to achieve All American and/or All Conference honors at the collegiate level as others have gone on to play professionally in the NFL, NBA, MLB and other professional sports both nationally and internationally.
  In the coming years, the ORHS Athletic Hall of Fame will have the pleasure of inducting the many more deserving athletes, coaches and other individuals who have contributed to the long standing athletic success of the Oak Ridge athletic program and the Pioneer athletes who made it happen.
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