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Athletic Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

There are three categories:

  • Student-Athlete

  • Coach

  • Contributor (includes Administrators, Teachers, Staff Members and Others (defined as individuals not directly connected with the school who meet specific criteria)





  • Must have had an outstanding career at ORHS

  • Must have had a good attitude on and off the field

  • Must have been well behaved

  • Consideration may be given to academic record

  • A majority of career spent at ORHS

  • Eligible for induction beginning the 10th year after graduation from Oak Ridge

  • An Individual who graduated 40 or more years prior to the inductions will be classified as a "Veteran"

  • Current eligibility requirements will apply to individuals listed in the "Veteran" category

  • An individual classified as a a "Veteran" is not required to appear on the primary election ballot to be considered for selection to the Hall of Fame.



  • Must have coached at ORHS at least five (5) years

  • Must have had excellent coaching record

  • Consideration may be given to other significant contributions to ORHS Athletics

  • Must be either out of coaching at ORHS for five (5) years (may be working at ORHS) or not working at ORHS for at least three (3) years


Contributor (Administrators, Teachers, Staff Members)

  • Must have worked at ORHS for at least five (5) years

  • Must have contributed to the athletic program

  • Must not have worked at ORHS for the past three (3) years


Others (Team Doctor, Volunteer)

  • Must have been affiliated with ORHS Athletics for at least five (5) years

  • Must have made a major contribution of time and effort to ORHS Athletics



  • Anyone may submit a nomination for consideration (ORHS alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, former and /or current ORHS coaches

  • Nomination Forms are available here:  






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